Finding Little Blue

Citizen Science Penguin Project

Term 2 done!

What a busy term! Other than knowing there were a few around and having made penguin protection signs around Bell Block, penguin habitat and burrowing knowledge was all very new to Puketapu school students.  After listening to our scientist tell them a little bit about little blues, they went off and did their own research.  Once they learned a bit more about little blues, we brought Andrew in from Bright Sparks to show us how to build and use technology things that could be used to monitor burrow activity.  The students then tested magic technology things to make sure they could fit discreetly in human-made burrows that penguins were using.  

Keep an eye out for what some of the citizen scientists had to say about term 2 Finding Little Blue – some of them are continuing with the project in term 3 along with Devon Intermediate!  Next step… get Devon Int caught up and then the technology set up on the burrows!