Finding Little Blue

Citizen Science Penguin Project

Nevaeh knows…

In term 2, I have learnt that little blues are rarer in Taranaki than the East coast and I learnt that lil blues live in New Zealand and the south coast of Australia.  I have also learnt that lil blues are dying from cats attacking them at night, dog attacks and stoats eating their eggs.

Starvation can be from climate change because it it will make rough waters and they might die from the heat or they can not find any food in time for their chicks or them self.  If we don’t look after them, one day they will be Extinct.

A raspberry pie is a type of tech that can show you if a penguin is in the burrow (by measuring light or temperature changes).  A burrow can be natural or man-made (concrete or wooden).

If you look on this site, then you might see a lil blue penguin on it: 
Taranaki Mounga Penguin Cam

By Nevaeh
Puketapu School