Finding Little Blue

Citizen Science Penguin Project

Little Blue washes up with case of Giraffe-neck

Little Blue Penguins face many threats and in this case, the poor penguin’s neck has been disassembled.  While the condition it was found in suggests that it was washed up with the tide, it does not rule out a dog attack before being washed out and then back in.  

But without much information (what type of open wounds did it have?), it is hard to know how this little one died.  It could have even been a natural ocean predator (seal or baracuda?) that had a play with its dinner and discarded it.

Unfortunately, there have been several dead little blue penguins reported in just the past couple of months.  Reasons ranging from predator attacks to malnutrition.  It is hard to know what many of the penguins are dying from but it’s up to us to educate the public on how we can protect them and increase survival rates of sick or injured penguins that are found.