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Penguin awareness sign vandalized!

So, me and my friend, Oceans, made a sign for people to watch their dogs around the beach because of the penguins and we put it up at Bell Block beach. Me and my friend Oceans are only 12 yrs old.

I don’t really know what happened but we were doing our school cross country practice and I saw the sign had maybe been hit with a hammer.

To be very honest, I was so angry and upset – it took about 4 weeks to do all the time to smooth the wood and drawing the print on it and painting the print on. I’m so annoyed.

If I could meet the people who destroyed our sign, I would ask: Why did they do it? Why did they think it wasn’t good enough to be there and what was wrong with their eyes?

To make us feel better, I would ask the person that did it to come say a big sorry to me, Emily, Oceans and the crew of Project Hotspot and Miss Whelan.

By Holley

NOTE:  The students of Puketapu School will be making a new sign to continue the protection of this declining species.