Finding Little Blue

Citizen Science Penguin Project



Finding Little Blue is an exciting penguin monitoring project funded by Curious Minds and lead by citizen scientists from all over Taranaki, New Zealand.

Students scientists from Puketapu School and Devon Intermediate have been developing the monitoring technology to apply to little blue penguin burrows around North Taranaki so that the wider community can see from the comfort of their own screens just how often and how long the penguins are using their nests.  We are so excited to be working work with our student citizen scientists with extra help from various other community groups and schools!

This project aims to:

  • Raise awareness of Taranaki little blue penguins and the environmental threats they deal with
  • Encourage people to be more responsible with controlling their dogs on beaches
  • Streamline useful and meaningful data about our local Taranaki little blue penguin populations
  • Provide ongoing and accurate data for important entities such as tertiary institutions and government organizations for coastal planning and development

Why Little Blue Penguins?

Little blue penguins (also known as Fairy penguins) are the world’s smallest penguin and are native to New Zealand – but they are nationally in decline.  We don’t know much about our region’s little blues, so by starting with the monitoring of burrow activity, we can find out how our penguins compare to other colonies around the country.  We can also lean how to better protect the species so our population can recover and avoid extinction.

Finding Little Blue Project Supporters